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ILL. Dale I. Goehrig, 33░
Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Florida

The Scottish Rite Foundation is managed by Scottish Rite Masons, motivated by Masonic principles and administered with Masonic integrity. One of the two missions of the Scottish Rite Foundation is to support the many Scottish Rite Language Disorder clinics located in major cities throughout our beautiful State of Florida.

Mission #1 is to provide adequate funding for our highly efficient and desperately needed clinics.  Our Foundation support consists of furnishing the clinics with necessary funds to operate the facilities and to hire and teach speech pathologists on staff.  With the scope of the foundation being statewide and its diligent Board of Trustees, infused with renewed spirit and vigor, there will be an ever-expanding number of children being reached for treatment in new clinics being opened. 

Mission #2 is to provide additional clinics, as they are required in the future.  The persistent goal of Florida Scottish Rite Masons, through the Foundation, is to ensure that no child in the area of Florida, afflicted with a childhood language disorder goes without our help.  It is important now that the vital needs and top priorities for the contribution of the program are in proper perspective for you.  Years ago, we overcame the uncertainties of this huge, noble task. 

Today Scottish Rite Clinics continue to provide children with state of the art breakthroughs in clinical diagnostics and therapies performed by professionals in their fields.  One of the children’s most precious human assets, their ability to communicate, is Scottish Rite Masonry’s goal come true.  A functioning Voice helps us get acquainted, get along; get ahead, and on occasions, helps us to survive. 

But what of the 10 to 15 percent of children who suffer from a speech or language disorder, which have extraordinary difficulty forming even the simplest of words, what sort of future can they expect? 

There are children standing behind a locked gate.  And we, of the Scottish Rite hold the key with continued program funding through your voluntary donations. 

With the outstanding and unparalleled treatment being provided by concerned and dedicated professionals, these children can achieve remarkable verbal improvements, sometime in the matter of months, they can attend school and grow up to be productive citizens rather than being seriously handicapped for life. 

I know you are impressed with the Scottish Rite Language Disorder Program and would like to help to ensure that will always be available for the treatment of these youngsters.  I urge your continuing donations and that you give as generously as you can that these deserving children can share in the precious gift of voice. 

What a great opportunity to put into action the word of our Florida Scottish Rite slogan:   


Join with us and extend a helping hand.  Your tax deductible contributions will brighten the future of a child at a time when it is needed the most.  Remember your gift keeps on giving forever. 

Each Scottish Rite Valley has a member represented on the Foundation Board of Trustees.  If you desire more information, your General Secretary will be delighted to put you in touch with your Trustee. Thank you for sharing the gift of voice.

If you would like to help, you can make a tax deductible contribution to "The Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida, U.S.A., Inc.™" by mailing your donations to: The Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida PO Box 5736, Winter Park, FL 32793.



The Fruits of Your Labor – Your Foundation at Work

October 2, 2012
Recently, my wife and I had the honor of attending an open house at the Speech Language Pathology Clinic at the All Children’s Hospital in Saint Petersburg. My wife started a conversation with a lady in attendance. The lady asked my wife what connection we had with the clinic and when my wife told her we were there representing the Scottish Rite the lady became very excited and told us an inspiring story about how the Scottish Rite assisted her family in time of need. I asked permission from her to use her story on our web site and in our brochure. She was gracious to grant that permission. Below is the email that she sent me a week later.

Patrick C. Palmer
Special Assistant to the SGIG
In the Orient of Florida

Dear Mr. Palmer,

I was so delighted to meet you, your wife, and the other two gentlemen in attendance at the Dedication & Open House of the new Child Development and Rehabilitation Center of All Children’s Johns Hopkins in St. Petersburg on Thursday, September 20, 2012. To be able to personally thank all four of you for the generosity that was displayed to our family nearly 20 years ago was very gratifying.

My husband, Steve and I are the very proud parents of three wonderful children. Our eldest, James, who is now 23 years old, was born autistic. He began receiving the services of Speech therapy at All Children’s Hospital at the age of three. After approximately one year of therapy, it was clear that much more work was necessary and our insurance carrier denied any further payments. That left us in the perplexing circumstance of desiring the very best for our son, yet not being in the position to supply the much needed help merely due to a financial hardship. As you can well imagine, this was heart-breaking to us.

We were informed by All Children’s that there might be financial assistance available to us through your organization, the Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida. We were given the information, filled out the paperwork and quickly were notified that we qualified for a percentage of the costs. The gratefulness we have for this donation of “love” towards our son and his future cannot simply be expressed in this letter. It made all the difference in his life. Had he not received these services, it is entirely possible that James would not be the man he is today. Not only did he learn to speak clearly, but he learned to express his thoughts and ultimately became a voracious reader and speller. He is an avid historian, digesting book after book on his very favorite subjects, WWI and WWII during all his free time. He graduated from high school, even took several college classes and has worked for Publix Grocery stores for 3 years. He is a respected and hard working employee.

Our family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. We talk kindly whenever given the opportunity to share about this organization that so generously assisted our family at a time of need. To finally meet some members, people who work diligently to raise the funds to serve others like ourselves, was thrilling, to say the least. Thank you! We are eternally grateful. If there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely and gratefully,

Mona and the Tomlin Family (Steve, James, Melissa and Patrick)


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